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Welcome to, the Internet site for the sale of products and services (hereinafter “Site”). This Privacy Policy also applies to all other domain and sub-domain names linked to the Site.

The Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) describes the rules of conduct applied by with regard to the processing of Users’ personal data.
Use of the Site implies the acceptance of the Policy on the part of Users. Users are responsible for checking the status of the Policy on access to the Site. The Policy is constantly updated, especially in response to the evolution of the Federal Act on Data Protection (hereinafter “FADP”). Users not intending to accept the Policy must cease use of the Site with immediate effect. The Site’s manager reserves the right to change the Policy at any time at its own discretion. The intention to modify the Policy, the contents of the changes and the date when the new Policy is to take effect are published on the Site with at least seven days’ notice before the date when they are scheduled to come into force.
Once it has come into force, the new Policy is automatically binding on all Users. Use of the Site after the new Policy has come into force implies Users’ acceptance of it.

The Site considers the protection of Users’ privacy and personal data to be of fundamental importance. The capacity to deliver specific services requested by Users (e.g. user accounts, newsletters, chat rooms, etc.) and the technical characteristics of the Internet itself (web, email, etc.) imply the collection and processing by the Site of information, including personal data, relating to Users (e.g. the IP address of the user’s terminal).

Our policy concerning the protection of Users’ personal data is set out below. We hope you enjoy your visit to

A. Personal data

The Site may only process personal data in strict compliance with this Policy and/or the relevant legislation. Personal data consist of all information relating to Users to the extent to which the latter thus become identified or identifiable (hereinafter “personal data”).

B. Collection and processing of personal data

The Site does not collect or process users’ personal data, unless this is necessary to allow access to, use of and/or improvement of the Site, subject to the following provisions. The Site does not collect personal data requiring special protection under art. 3 (c) FADP (Federal Act on Data Protection), such as data on racial or ethnic origin, religious views or health.
The Site does not send advertising messages generated on the basis of users’ online behaviour on third-party sites. Similarly, the Site does not track users’ online activity or support the use of tools intended to monitor the use of third-party web resources or email.

The Site states the purposes for which personal data are collected and processed, if this is not clear from the circumstances, no later than the time of collection of the data. Information concerning these purposes may be provided by means of the web browser or personal communications, or may be based on this Privacy Policy.
Personal data may only be processed for the stated purpose, or the purpose clear from the circumstances at the time of collection.

The Site is authorised to collect and process personal data supplied by registered Users such as: name, address, telephone number, email address, age, profession and interests, in order to supply, to Users who request them, special services such as newsletters, games and competitions, or to invite Users to take part in online activities and events related to the Site’s activities. For example, if a User sends an email with a query or comment, the Site may use their email address to reply. The Site may save and catalogue the email, the email address and a copy of the reply.

The Site uses external suppliers of goods and services within the context of its activities. The Site gives these suppliers access to personal data only to the extent to which this is strictly necessary in order to allow them to perform their tasks correctly and efficiently. Credentials for access to personal data are not sent unless the aforesaid third parties have signed an undertaking to treat the said data as confidential and not to use them for purposes unrelated to the performance of their tasks. The Site does not accept any liability for the action of the said third parties except in the event of serious negligence in their selection, training and control.

Further to the explicit, informed consent of the Users concerned (“opting in”), the Site is authorised to transmit personal data to third parties, including associates/sponsors/marketing partners/advertisers, in order to enable the User to receive personalised promotional offers, news of events and advertising messages from the said third parties.
However, the Site is hereby authorised to send Users information concerning the Site’s activities and messages from business partners/sponsors/advertisers, including advertising messages, using the personal contacts provided during registration. The Site does not accept any responsibility for the action of the aforesaid third parties, especially with regard to the contents of the said communications and the proper fulfilment of any contracts agreed with Users. Users may decide to terminate the sending of the aforesaid messages (“opting out”) at any moment, without any consequent reduction in the ability to use the Site’s services. The procedures for submitting this “opt out” request are described in point I below.

Other personal data, such as information concerning use of the Site (IP address, duration of visit, services used, links and advertising messages activated, etc.) are analysed, in a fully automated way, in order to assess the addition of new functions, to improve the quality of the services offered, to evaluate Users’ interest in the dispatch of customised advertising, and to optimise the Site’s user-friendliness.

The Site does not install or promote the installation of third-party cookies, or (in general) of persistent cookies (evercookies) on Users’ computers without his explicit authorization. However, the Site’s own cookies are permitted. A cookie is a file installed on the computer’s hard disk which may be used to recognise the User’s terminal on the web. Cookies may be used for the automatic recall of personal data already entered on the Site (such as username, password, interests, settings or preferences) so that they do not have to be entered again on subsequent visits.
The use of cookies is permitted for the automatic personalisation of the Site’s setup and for the purposes of system administration. With regard to the management of cookies, Users may set their browsers to inform them when a cookie is received, or to block cookies in general. However, Users who block cookies may experience a slight reduction in the Site’s performance.
For more information on cookies, see our Cookie Policy.

Unless otherwise envisaged by this Policy or the law, the Site undertakes not to sell, rent, lend, market or transfer personal data (including email addresses) to third parties, and is committed to treating all personal data as confidential.

C. Transmission and storage of personal data

The Site does not transmit Users’ personal data except with the prior consent of the person concerned, and only does so to recipients registered/domiciled in Switzerland. The above shall not apply if the transmission is required or authorised by the law or by a Swiss judicial or Government authority.

The Site stores Users’ personal data for as long as this is necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, or to the extent to which their conservation is required by law. Within the legal limits, if Users cancel their accounts, all the data contained in or traceable to them are automatically deleted, except for any correspondence which has passed between the parties in written or electronic form.

D. Consent to the collection and processing of personal data

By supplying personal data, or using the Site, users accept that they will be collected and processed in accordance with the law and/or this Policy. Depending on circumstances, or the sensitivity of the data supplied or processed, Users may be required to specifically declare their consent to the collection and processing of personal data. Users may withdraw their consent at any time, following the communication procedures described in point I below.

When permitted or required by law, or in response to an order issued by a Swiss (judicial or Government) authority, the Site shall be authorised to collect, use and transmit Users’ personal data without their prior consent and without their knowledge.

Registered Users not wishing to receive information/messages about the Site’s activities and/or promotional/advertising messages, directly or through the Site, from our business partners/sponsors/advertisers, may state their refusal either by withdrawing their consent or simply by following the communication procedures described in point I below.

E. Security

Only authorised persons have access to Users’ personal data, to the extent strictly necessary for the performance of their duties. The Site implements all security measures reasonably considered necessary and proportionate in the circumstances to prevent unauthorised access to and use and transmission of, tampering with or loss or destruction of Users’ personal data. These measures including measures of a technical, physical and organisational nature. However, since the Internet is intrinsically an open network, the Site cannot and does not guarantee absolute protection.
Therefore all relevant responsibility is declined, unless the damaging event is the direct consequence of criminal or grossly negligent conduct by the Site itself. Similarly, the Site is not able to guarantee the confidentiality of data supplied or transmitted by means of the website or by email. The Site therefore declines all responsibility for the security of data in transit on the Internet to and from the Site within the above terms.

F. Access to personal data

The Site recognises every User’s right to access personal data regarding them free of charge and to check their accuracy or have them modified, corrected and/or updated. On request, Users are entitled to be informed as to whether and how their personal data are processed. In some specific cases, if required by law, access to data may be denied. The Site will positively assess every suggestion or complaint received from Users with regard to its privacy and personal data protection policy.

G. Links to third-party sites and resources

The Site contains links to sites and other Internet resources belonging to third parties. The Site is not in any way responsible for the contents, security and availability of these sites and resources, and in particular the Site does not check the policy or issue warranties with regard to the protection of privacy and personal data by the aforesaid third parties.

H. Special provisions

Social Login

In case you decide to create a new customer account or access it via the social login function, we collect your public profile data only by means of your consent that you grant before starting the social login. It is provided by the social network used to access our website. This data includes your name, surname, e-mail address, link to your social media profile, unique identifier, link to the avatar of the social profile. This data is used to create your user profile on our website. You can revoke this consent at any time by sending us an e-mail.

Social sharing

We embed a Facebook widget to allow you to see number of likes/shares/recommends and “like/share/recommend” our webpages. This widget may collect your IP address, your web browser User Agent, store and retrieve cookies on your browser, embed additional tracking, and monitor your interaction with the widget, including correlating your Facebook account with whatever action you take within the widget (such as “liking/sharing/recommending” our webpage), if you are logged in to Facebook. For more information about how this data may be used, please see Facebook’s data privacy policy:

We use a Twitter Tweet widget at our website. As a result, our website makes requests to Twitter’s servers for you to be able to tweet our webpages using your Twitter account. These requests make your IP address visible to Twitter, who may use it in accordance with their data privacy policy:

I. Site’s Owner and Data Controller

The Site’s Owner and Data Controller is ALVEARE by L. Testori, Sentiero Alpe Bolla 15, 6979 Brè sopra Lugano, which may be contacted at the email address provided in point I below.

J. How to contact us

If you have any comments/queries concerning our Policy and the processing of your personal data, or if you wish to modify your preferences regarding the processing of your personal data, please refer to the “USER ACCOUNT” section, first logging into the Site. Otherwise, you may send an email by means of our contact form or email address.

K. Adoption and amendments

This Privacy Policy was adopted on 01.01.2018 and amended on 31.10.2020.

FADP: Federal Act on Data Protection (CC 235.1).

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