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ALVEARE is a small family-run business created in 2011 by Loredana Testori and Ivan Bacchi. Honey, royal jelly, pollen and propolis are the products of the bee kingdom. Each of them has beneficial properties for the health of the human being. The purpose of ALVEARE, promoted by its managers Loredana and Ivan, is precisely to disseminate and share with others the well-being and benefits obtained from bee products.

We promote the distribution of hive products by engaging in the research and selection of the best producers to guarantee our customers the highest possible quality and authenticity. These are small beekeepers and family-run farms who still work in an artisanal way and operate strictly respecting nature and its gifts.

Loredana Testori

Loredana Testori
Founder and owner

First of all she is a mother and a housewife. He is very sociable and therefore appreciates contact with people. He loves animals and the nature that surrounds us. For this reason he wishes to lead and share with others the secrets of a healthy life in contact with nature and its products in respect of the traditions and customs of the past.

Ivan Bacchi

Ivan Bacchi
Marketing Director

Of cook training, he also loves nature and the good things in life. With his experience he helps Loredana in the choice of products. He is a very objective person, so he is equally selective during the evaluation, as well as for the creation of a product. No product is adopted by ALVEARE if it does not meet the strict criteria imposed by the conscience of wanting to provide customers only with items from nature and tradition.

Thanks to the satisfactions obtained during the first years of activity, ALVEARE wants to extend its offer also to articles that, even if they are not produced by the bees, are configured in the values of the activity. Some of them are prepared at home by Ivan, using only raw materials of sure origin, without additives, preservatives or fillers of any kind.

ALVEARE is synonymous with NATURE. Loredana and Ivan wish to continue to offer their customers selected and exclusive products that strictly reflect this principle.

Loredana and Ivan warmly thank each of their clients for choosing ALVEARE and with it nature.

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ALVEARE di L. Testori
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